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We are located in the Cumberland Medical Office building next to the Cumberland Hospital.

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River City Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is intentionally different. Simply put, we can handle it and you can afford it.

River City Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (RCOMS) was founded by Dr. Mark Haverkorn in 2018 to be a broad-scope oral & maxillofacial surgery practice that could help all sorts of patients at an affordable cost.  Our daily focus is mouth and tooth surgery; however, we offer many types of head and neck surgery.

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We are Here for YOU

We want to help you!  We can treat patients of all ages in the office or at the hospital.  We are completely comfortable treating transplant patients, heart patients, dialysis patients, patients on blood thinners, nervous patients, and other unique patients.

In the very rare case that RCOMS cannot help you we have many contacts in the local and statewide dental & medical communities and can help you find the right doctor.

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For wisdom tooth removal and other oral surgical procedures, examine your choice of provider carefully. There are many dental providers that remove wisdom teeth, but some treatment plans should be a cause for concern. We recommend you seek a second opinion if you are being told that your dental provider has a surgeon that travels to their office.

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Meet Dr. Mark Haverkorn

Dr. Mark Haverkorn and the staff of River City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are dedicated to offering quality treatment in a caring environment. Dr. Haverkorn has focused on building a practice with a strong commitment to patient care and fostering close relationships with referring dentists.

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