Basic Oral Surgery

Basic Oral Surgery (aka Dentoalveolar Surgery)

Sedation is included with all of these surgeries.

Extraction of first erupted tooth:  $300

Extraction of additional erupted teeth during same surgery:  $150 each

Extraction of first impacted tooth:  $400

Extraction of additional impacted teeth during same surgery:  $275 each

Alveoplasty at the time of extraction:  $180 per quadrant (Includes exostosis)

Alveoplasty separate from extractions:  $420 per quadrant (Includes exostosis)

Removal of lingual torus:  $400 per side

Removal of palatal torus:  $530

Sequestrectomy or removal of exposed bone after surgery:  $380

No charge for surgery or sedation if RCOMS performed the surgery within the last 3 months