You may be referred to us to have a soft tissue or bone lesion biopsied.  A biopsy means we will remove a piece of the lesion and have a pathologist check it under a microscope. Biopsies are not meant to treat anything. Some small lesions can be completely removed as part of the biopsy in which case we would bill you for an excision, not a biopsy.

If you need more surgery once the biopsy results are in, 25% of the biopsy cost is applied toward the final surgery if the final surgery is done within 3 months of the biopsy results.

Biopsies DO include sedation and 3 months of routine post-operative care.

Our biopsy fees DO NOT include the pathologist’s fees.  Those services are billed by the pathologist to the patient.

  • Biopsy of a soft tissue lesion:  $400
  • Biopsy of a bone lesion:  $565

*Biopsy consultations are $200. The $200 is applied to the surgery price above if surgery is completed within 3 months of the consultation. If the consultation and surgery are on the same day, there is no separate charge for the consultation. More details are here.


Dr. Mark Haverkorn