Bone grafts include sedation if done in the office in combination with another surgery that includes sedation such as an extraction; if not, sedation is extra.  Gum grafts always include sedation.

Complex grafts are usually done in the hospital where the anesthesiologist would usually accept your medical insurance.  Additional fees apply for hospital surgeries.

Membranes, other supplies, and harvesting patient bone are included in these prices (other practices charge for those).

RCOMS does not perform grafts to prepare a patient for further surgery with another doctor.   For example, we will not perform a bone graft so another doctor can place your dental implant.

Currently there is a $25 PPE fee added to these surgeries.  If you are having multiple procedures at once, like an extraction and a bone graft, we only add the PPE fee once.

Bone graft, simple:  $450 per area
Examples are:  particulate grafts, socket preservation grafts, & osteotome sinus lifts.  If you were told you need a bone graft with an extraction, this is probably what they were referring to.

Bone graft, intermediate:  $980 per area
Examples are:  open sinus lift, ridge split, & taking a bone block from one part of the jaws and grafting it to another part.

Bone graft, complex:  $3,000 per jaw
Examples are:  reconstruction of a severely damaged or shrunken jaw and may include using the patient’s bone taken from other parts of their skeleton, such as hip bone graft to the jaws.

Gum graft, first tooth:  $400
Includes sedation.  Most gum grafts are done by moving gum tissue from one part of the mouth to another part of the mouth.  Sometimes skin grafts are used for very large defects.  Extra fees are charged for supplies if we cannot use the patient’s own tissue.

Gum graft, additional teeth:  $300 per tooth
Includes sedation.