Orthodontic Related Surgeries

The surgeries below are sometimes necessary to help with braces.

These surgeries include sedation.

Currently there is a $25 PPE fee added to these surgeries if we do them in our office. 

Surgical exposure of a tooth: $260 each tooth

Removing or repositioning the gums and bone as needed so that an impacted tooth is at least partially visible in the mouth.

Attaching a bracket or wire to a surgically exposed tooth:  $580 each tooth

Orthodontists may ask us to expose an impacted tooth that is under the gums then place a bracket or wire on it so they can slowly pull it into place.  The combination of those two procedures is often called an “expose and bond”.  This price includes the surgical exposure and placing the bracket or wire.

Luxation (wiggling) of a surgically exposed tooth to aid in eruption:  $360 each tooth

Sometime wiggling a tooth that is stubborn and not coming out can make it come out.  This price includes the surgical exposure.

Surgical repositioning and stabilization of a tooth:  $580 each tooth

Surgery to expose, reposition, and stabilize an impacted tooth into a normal or more normal position.  This is not a complete transplantation, it is only moving the tooth around in the same general place and holding it there.

Tooth auto-transplantation and stabilization:  $2,000

Surgery to remove an impacted tooth and move it to a completely new place.  For example, if you are missing a first molar but still have your wisdom teeth we may be able to move a wisdom tooth to the first molar position.  The transplanted tooth must be stabilized with wires and/or braces while it heals and may need a root canal later.  This option is used instead of a dental implant.

Placement of a Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD):  $620

TADs are like a small dental implant that is placed in the gums and protrudes slightly out of the gums for an orthodontist to use.  The orthodontist can attach wires or rubber bands to the TAD to help move the teeth around.


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