Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery (jaw repositioning)

These surgeries are typically done in the hospital & anesthesia is billed by the anesthesiologist who generally accepts your medical insurance.

Does not include anesthesia or sedation if done in the office.

Does not include hardware (plates & screws) if done in the office.

Additional fees for bone grafts if necessary.

Mandibular sagittal split ramus osteotomy (SSRO):  $2,800 per side

Mandibular intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy (IVRO):  $2,200 per side

Maxillary LeFort I osteotomy, 1 piece:  $6,200

Maxillary LeFort I osteotomy, 2 pieces:  $7,600

Maxillary LeFort I osteotomy, 3 pieces:  $8,500

Subapical osteotomy:  $3,300

Genioplasty (chin repositioning):  $2,800

Bone allograft (non-living) for orthognathic surgery:  $350 per osteotomy

Bone allograft (living bone from the patient) for orthognathic surgery:   $1,600 per osteotomy