Salivary Surgery

These surgeries include sedation if done in the office and 3 months of routine post-operative care.

Most of these surgeries will be done in an operating room in which case there is an additional $280 OR fee. Rounding on a patient in the hospital is $200 per day.

If done in an operating room, anesthesia will be billed by the anesthesiologist who generally accepts your medical insurance. The hospital or surgery center will also have fees that may be covered or partially covered by your medical insurance.

Salivary surgery consultations are $200. The $200 is applied to the surgery price below if surgery is completed within 3 months of the consultation. If the consultation and surgery are on the same day, there is no separate charge for the consultation. More details are here.

Sialodochoplasty:  $1,400 

Repositioning, revision, or repair of a salivary duct.

Sialolithotomy:  $800 

Surgical removal of a salivary stone. Can sometimes be done in the office.

Excision of sublingual or submandibular gland:  $1,720 per gland

Sometimes the sublingual gland can be removed in the office.  The submandibular gland is removed in an operating room.