Tooth Extractions & Alveoplasty

IV sedation is included with all of these surgeries.

Currently there is a $25 PPE fee added to these surgeries.  If you are having multiple procedures in one surgery we only add the PPE fee once.

Tooth Extractions

Extraction of the first erupted tooth:  $300

Erupted teeth are teeth that are totally out of the gums.

Extraction of additional erupted teeth during same surgery:  $150 each

Extraction of the first impacted tooth:  $400

Impacted teeth are teeth that have not come completely out of the gums.

Extraction of additional impacted teeth during same surgery:  $275 each


Alveoplasty is a surgery to smooth the jaw bone to prepare the bone for implants or dentures.  Not everyone will need this surgery.  This service also includes removing jaw exostoses.

Alveoplasty at the same time as extraction(s):  $180 per quadrant

Alveoplasty separate from extraction(s):  $420 per quadrant

Removal of lingual torus:  $400 per side

Lingual tori are lumps of bone on the inside of the lower jaw next to the tongue.

Removal of palatal torus:  $530

A palatal torus is a lump of bone on the roof of the mouth.

Sequestrectomy or removal of exposed bone after surgery:  $580

Sometimes bone becomes exposed in the mouth spontaneously, after a mouth surgery, or after an extraction.  No charge if the problem develops within 3 months after a surgery we did.  This fee includes our $200 fee to take over and fix a surgery done elsewhere.