Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Total Removal for $1025!

We will remove four wisdom teeth for $1000 plus the current $25 PPE fee.   We don’t need to see the x-rays.  The type of impaction doesn’t matter.  Four wisdom teeth = $1025!

Surgery includes:

  • Consultation
  • In-office x-rays as needed
  • IV sedation
  • Extraction of the 4 teeth (additional fees apply if you have more than 4 wisdom teeth)
  • Appropriate aftercare

Most people’s wisdom teeth don’t grow completely into their mouth in a normal position and end up causing problems.  You might have a minor problem like food trapping or gum irritation, a moderate problem like cavities or pain, or a serious problem like cysts around the teeth, infection, fever, and/or swelling.  We will evaluate your case and give you and honest opinion.  If there is no reason to remove the teeth we will tell you.

Sometimes people ask why we remove wisdom teeth that haven’t cause a problem yet.  We remove them when we think it’s likely you will have problems based on your situation.  We also remove wisdom teeth that are interfering with orthodontic treatment.  The earlier we remove the teeth, the younger you are (within reason), the easier the surgery tends to be.  The recovery is faster and there are usually less complications.