These surgeries, except where noted, do NOT include sedation unless combined with another surgery than includes sedation.


Gingivectomy, first tooth:  $260


Gingivectomy, each additional tooth during the same surgery:  $120


Crown lengthening:  $390 per tooth


Apically positioned gingival flap:  $320


Frenectomy:  $280 per frenum

Can be tongue or lip


Vestibuloplasty:  $1,080 per jaw

Includes supplies


Maxillary sinus repair, simple:  $260

Usually a primary repair at the time of extraction

Usually requires only a plug & suture, no significant tissue flaps


Maxillary sinus repair, complex:  $650

Usually a secondary repair

Usually requires local or regional flaps


Repositioning of the trigeminal nerve:  $920 per nerve

Includes sedation if done in the office


Pectoralis flap reconstruction:  $4,000


Nerve exploration and/or repair, simple:  $1,600


Nerve exploration and/or repair, complex:  $2,800


Scar revision:  $400 per centimeter of length

Includes sedation if done in the office