These surgeries, except where noted, do NOT include sedation unless combined with another surgery than includes sedation.

Gingivectomy, first tooth:  $260

Gingivectomy, each additional tooth during the same surgery:  $120

Crown lengthening:  $390 per tooth

Apically positioned gingival flap:  $320

Frenectomy, lip:  $350 per frenum (includes sedation)
Frenectomy, tongue:  $425 (includes sedation)
Frenuplasty: $975  (includes sedation)
This surgery may have to be done in an operating room, especially on children.  If the surgery needs to be done in an operating room there is an additioanl $250 fee.

Vestibuloplasty:  $1,080 per jaw

Includes supplies


Maxillary sinus repair, simple:  $260

Usually a primary repair at the time of extraction

Usually requires only a plug & suture, no significant tissue flaps

Maxillary sinus repair, complex:  $650

Usually a secondary repair

Usually requires local or regional flaps

Repositioning of the trigeminal nerve:  $920 per nerve

Includes sedation if done in the office

Pectoralis flap reconstruction:  $4,000

Nerve exploration and/or repair, simple:  $1,600

Nerve exploration and/or repair, complex:  $2,800

Scar revision:  $400 per centimeter of length

Includes sedation if done in the office